Our Story

Our Focus

From our beginnings we have always maintained a strong focus on offering the unusual and the “never been seen in the trade” plants. It is our goal to popularize uncommon and under-utilized species and varieties. We are passionate plantsmen and women with a strong desire to expand our palettes as well as our customers’. For us, it is not enough to simply offer the latest ”hot” varieties. The history of recent plant introductions is littered with numerous poor performers that were promoted as the next greatest thing. We take a more measured approach to the “latest and greatest”: relying more on our in-house trials and feedback from our customers when selecting new plants to offer.

Our original focus was a groundcovers and vines specialty nursery. We are proud to have helped popularize plants back in our earlier days like Actinidia ‘Issai’, many Carexes, Laurentia fluviatilis, Mazus reptans, Oxalis crassipes, Rubus calycinoides and a plethora of hardy succulents by making them available to customers who had never seen them before. Though we continue to specialize in groundcovers and vines, over the years we have expanded our growing to include a much broader palette of herbaceous and woody plants. Currently we offer over 1200 species & varieties.

Early on, Jim recognized the importance of native plants and incorporated this as a major focus. With over 220 Northeastern U.S. native species in production, Glover Perennials offers the widest selection of natives in the New York tri-state area. Though we are not an exclusively native plant nursery, we recognize their unique importance to the well-being of our environment.

Other specialties include pollinator attracting plants, deer resistant plants, edible perennials, ferns and succulents. Today, we continue to seek uncommon and underutilized plants and popularize them.

Our introductions

With our nursery as a laboratory, Glover Perennials has developed and introduced numerous new varieties to the nursery trade. A couple of our favorites include Agastache ‘Pink Hazel’ & Phlox paniculata ‘Ella Jane’ – both named after our daughters. Having naming rights is a good thing! Other favorites include: Clethra alnifolia ‘Maureen Cullinane’, Euonymus ‘Vanilla Frosting’, Panicum virgatum ‘Short Orient’, Pinellia ‘Purple Dragon’, Sagina subulata ‘Spring Lime’, Sedum album ‘Lime Carpet’, Thymus vulgaris ‘Glover’s Gold’ and Trifolium repens ‘Black Ice’ and ‘Ice Purple’. More are in the pipeline.

A notable 2016 Glover Perennials introduction is Kalimeris integrifolia ‘Caritas’. It occurred as a chance seedling from a stock plant many years ago. A blue flowered K. integrifolia certainly got our attention! After careful evaluation, we can officially say it is a great plant! It is similar to Kalimeris ‘Blue Star’ (which is probably the other parent) in flower color and beginning bloom time in June. However, it has larger flowers that bloom, longer into the season, flowering into September instead of finishing in August! The height is a little taller like the K. integrifolia parent at about 24” tall. This variety is among the few perennials that you can say is constantly in bloom all summer. It is an anchor plant in mixed borders, ensuring there is always something in bloom. If you want a compact, easy care perennial with pretty blue daisies all summer, this is your plant!

‘Caritas’ means charity and all the proceeds from this plant are being donated to the Alzheimer’s Association and the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer. Both Jim and Joanne’s family have been impacted by Alzheimers and Pancreatic Cancer. To date we have proudly donated close to $10,000 to these organizations. We will continue to make yearly donations.


Our Roots

Glover Perennials is a family owned and operated wholesale nursery located in Cutchogue, NY. In 1997, Jim started Glover Perennials on 2.5 acres of rented land with his brother Rob. Rob played an integral role in our beginnings but left the busines in 2002. Joanne joined Jim in 2001 and together they expanded the operation and moved to a 23 acre farm they purchased in 2004. What was previously a hayfield has been transformed into the home of Glover Perennials.

Jim received a B.S. degree in Community Forestry & Horticulture from the University of Vermont. He later attended the University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture, and received a Master of Forest Resources degree in Urban Horticulture in 1990. Prior to starting Glover Perennials, Jim worked extensively with wholesale and retail nurseries, and landscape contractors.

Jim has made four appearances on Martha Stewart TV and was featured in a New York Times garden article in which he discussed the value of “ripping up your lawn” in favor of more attractive, environmentally sensible and lower maintenance groundcovers.

Joanne received a B.A from SUNY New Paltz. She had a career in event planning before meeting Jim and joining Glover Perennials. She manages the administrative operations. Although most of her work is behind the scenes, she is instrumental in our success.

Our teenagers, Ella and Hazel, can sometimes be found at the farm. As a family we enjoy traveling and take every opportunity to teach them about the natural world around us, here at home and wherever our travels take us. Whether or not they become nurserywomen, they have an appreciation and respect for the environment.