• Deer Resistant

    Using plants low on the list of deer food preferences achieves relative freedom from deer damage. These plants have chemical and/or physical defenses that discourage browsing.

  • Groundcovers

    Include groundcovers in your gardens to add interest, exclude weeds, promote healthier soils, avoid foot traffic, add diversity and attract more wildlife.

  • Glover Introductions

    Glover Perennials has introduced numerous plants to the nursery trade. More are in the pipeline.

  • Woodies & Vines

    Adding height and structure, woodies & vines are the backbone of the garden.

  • Herbaceous Perennials

    Fill your garden with a mix of perennials for year round interest!

  • Natives

    Glover Perennials is committed to offering the largest selection of native plants with over 160 species from the Northeastern U.S., as well as many more near natives from the mid-Atlantic and Midwestern U.S.